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Purpose – Let it find you

Purpose. It seems to be a favorite topic as the new year rolls around. Did you find yourself asking about it?


“What am I doing? What is my purpose?”


Well, I did. I often do. I guess it’s just a part of who I am. I have a fairly grounded sense of purpose, but it evolves. Sometimes more than others. This is one of those times when I feel that inner churn. It’s a feeling I’ve come to know, and it means I’m changing, I’m evolving. And, as you might guess, my core purpose tends to shift through these periods of growth. In times of past, I would spend countless hours trying to figure out this emerging purpose: I journal, I meditate, I try new things. Interestingly, more often than not, I figure out what my purpose is NOT. Sound familiar?


So, I’m asking a different question today. What would happen if we stop searching and trying so hard to figure out our purpose? This question, along with a perfectly timed book, sparked a revelation within me.


What if, my job is to allow my purpose to FIND me?


To pay attention to all the feelings, whispers, nudges, synchronicities and let that guide our path forward. I know, it sounds crazy for anyone like me who is wired to figure this shit out in our heads. But, the old insanity definition rings true. I can’t continue with the same process and expect different results. So, this is a real-life experiment of what happens when you let go and let purpose find you. It’s my personal journey, and I’m sharing it here in hopes that it can provide a little inspiration or a new perspective on your journey.


But let’s get real. WHY? Why in the world would I do something like this? My mind has been a worthy partner in this life so far. I’ve done well, and I give a lot of credit to my analytical mind and ability to plan and create a successful path forward. Why would I abandon it now? I hear part of me saying…. “Heather, you are losing your mind.” Ahhhh…yes, that’s exactly what I am doing! LOSING MY MIND! What got me here won’t get me there (thank you, Marshall Goldsmith).


Don’t get me wrong, I love my life in so many ways. And yet, there is this deep yearning to do something more. More soulful. More substantial. More from a place of heart, not mind. All of the strategies and tools that I know seem to have lost their potency in my life. What’s a girl to do? So here’s the ‘plan,’ because I still need a plan even when I’m losing my mind. In the next six month, I’m going to let my feelings guide me forward. I’ve done the work to identify my “core desired feelings” according to the lovely Danielle LaPorte and now, it’s time to let the magic begin (she says with just a hint of snark)!


And, yes. I have about every voice in my head screaming at me, pleading with me, begging me to stop this ridiculous experiment. Kind of like this…

  • What the hell are you doing, you’re going to go broke and be homeless if you do this? (SIS, you better make a spare bed, this was your idea… HA!)
  • You just published an awesome book, why in the world are you not “working” to promote this more. You are wasting all your time and effort.
  • You have a freakin PHD… USE IT! This is not the time in your career to be out messing around. Focus you fool.
  • You’ve invested so much time and energy into your career, keep going. Stop veering off your path!


I hear them and agree with a lot of what they are saying. And yet, I want to feel different. I want to feel more joy, inspiration, connection. Maybe a little more play too!


If you’ve followed my work up to this point, you know the most important practice for me is to live life with the philosophy of “Love in Action” – whether at work or in life. This is likely the most advanced love in action practice I’ve put into play to date. I can’t think of a more powerful way to move forward than to allow my feeling of love to guide my actions forward.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Thanks for being here!