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Let’s Pour Some Rocket Fuel on Your Personal Growth with Plant Medicine Retreats.

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Let’s Pour Some Rocket Fuel on Your Personal Growth with Plant Medicine Retreats.

 Our ancestors believed all things – including plants – hold a spirit. Plant medicine (Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Magik Mushrooms, Peyote, etc.) has been  used as a path of profound healing of the heart for thousands of years. Learn how our guided retreats can help expand our consciousness, heal our past, provide clarity into the future, and encourage us to operate from a place of love.


Plant Medicine: The Game-Changer 

Our state of mind and the level of consciousness from which we operate are at the core of our biggest challenges, no matter who we are. We are stuck in a mindset of fear and unable to imagine or implement new ways of being until we can experience a massive upgrade and reboot. 

So, I invite you to take a deep breath and open yourself to new possibilities. We’re stepping into a world that is foreign for most, potentially even taboo. For those of you willing to wander into the unknown, I sincerely welcome you to take a seat as we journey into the world of growth with Mother Nature, one of our greatest teachers. 

Escaping the Monkey Mind

The brain is optimized to attempt to increase predictability and stability for, reinforcing beliefs, expectations, and assumptions. Basically, we see what we want to see. To take it a step further, we are not wired for accuracy–we are wired for confirmation of what we believe. 

Our brain contains an interconnected group of structures called the default mode network (DMN). This is what is whirling and chugging along when our minds are not specifically focused. Our brains default to this mode of operation from a third to half our waking time.  Yes, half of our waking life!  This is what I think of as NOISE, the relentless chatter of the mind, that constant voice of doubts, questions, concerns, ruminations, and the like. However, after ingesting plant medicine, there is a significant reduction in the activity found in these brain structures. This decreased activity in the DMN is very similar to when we are in a deep meditative state.

Plant medicine scrambles our monkey mind for a bit to allow for novel insights, healing, and a vast new awareness of possibilities. 

What to Expect

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: many times, these retreat experiences influence our clients to make substantial shifts in their work, relationships and way of being in the world.  However, we find these changes ultimately lead to increased happiness, freedom, peace and love.

Plant medicines offer the needed peak experience to expand beyond our perceived limits. In this powerful growth hack, our clients have the opportunity to rapidly surface assumptions, rewire beliefs, and see with renewed clarity their path forward. Many say one plant medicine retreat is similar to ten to fifteen years of therapy or professional development. Although these experiences are not for everyone, it is a potent avenue for accelerated growth and leading with Love in Action.

Our goal is to give everyone who engages with us the opportunity to rewire or rewild their beliefs. Are you ready to embrace your true potential? Learn more about our next sacred plant medicine retreat this September in Portugal.