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“The Evolved Executive” is now available on Audible!

"The Evolved Executive" is now available on Audible.

I’m so excited the audiobook version of “The Evolved Executive” is finally here! I can’t thank Maryne Young enough for her support and voice in bringing this labor of love to life. 

The Evolved Executive – What’s New

In the new edition of The Evolved Executive, I’ve included new chapters and tools to help you master the change needed to create the results you most desire. 

  1. Read how our equine-facilitated coaching program catalyzes transformational self-awareness.
  2. Understand how plant medicine like ayahuasca and huachuma can rocket boost growth.
  3. Learn new revised and detailed elements required of an Evolved Executive.
  4. Observe updated research on how to create the conditions for accelerated growth.
  5. View new data on how feminine values usher in organizational change. 

If you’re a high-achieving executive or entrepreneur on the go, download the audiobook version of The Evolved Executive, now available on Audible!