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Ready to evolve your life and business with plant medicine- Are You Curious


Ready to evolve your life and business with plant medicine- Are You Curious

The type of growth that is required to upgrade our belief system and level of consciousness is not going to be of the everyday variety of tools. In order to experience profound change, heal from the past, and provide clarity to the future, it may be time for high-achieving entrepreneurs to try plant medicine. 

What is plant medicine and how does it work?

Plant medicines are entheogens that can accelerate growth and push high-achieving entrepreneurs beyond their biggest obstacles. Entheogen is a “term for psychedelics taken for spiritual purposes to catalyze an inner experience with the Divine.” Plant medicines have traditionally been used in Indigenous Mexico, the Amazon, parts of Africa, India, and Nepal to shut off the brain chatter and open up the mind to rewire and reprogram this chatter into higher levels of consciousness. Higher levels of consciousness allow us to consider solutions to change our perceptions, dissolve the ones that are no longer supporting us, and create new habits to attract more opportunities in our lives for growth. 

Consider this, our minds are made up mainly of perceptions, some extremely limiting. These limiting perceptions are based on our experiences and our socialization, and they tend to hold us back from making new pathways for belonging, connection, and creation. 

We then build up these barriers that keep us from accessing parts of ourselves and push those “negative” parts deep within our unconscious mind. Over time, those beliefs are stored and can cause blockages. When we build up these blockages, most of us also cut off access to our emotions as well. We begin to disassociate from our bodies; meanwhile, our bodies become denser, holding onto all these perceptions and trapped emotions. As a result, we eventually begin to develop physical, emotional, and mental pain. 

Plant medicine breaks down those barriers and opens us up to feel our emotions and revisit experiences we may have forgotten. Plant medicine acts as a mirror, asking us to look at the current way we operate and gives us the information needed to optimize.

Sharon Van Bramer from Bluestone Ayahuasca was interviewed for this article. 

What are the different plant medicines and which ones are the most powerful?

All plant medicines have their own purpose and properties. It really depends more on how you wish to work with the plant rather than whether a particular plant is more “powerful.” A lot of people misconstrue plant medicine in the way some view taking pharmaceuticals in Western medicine: as a quick fix.

It is not. The medicine is more of a reflection of how you are currently operating. It simply allows you to look inside yourself, and gather information, so that you can then change that reflection. Working with plant medicines takes a lot of fortitude and willpower because you are essentially diving into the unknown.

Note: there are several other plant medicines, but for the sake of this article, we will be discussing ayahuasca, san pedro, and mushrooms. 


Ayahuasca can be a key pathway for high-achieving entrepreneurs to evolve in extraordinary ways. To many, ayahuasca is considered the most impactful of the plant medicines because it allows you to feel things that you may have once felt but rather repressed. Through feeling those emotions, you can find better ways to release and accept them in order to open up to new ways of healing and transformation. 

Ayahuasca, like all plant medicines, does not show you what is not already versions of your own perceptions. Whatever comes up during the ceremony, you are ready to confront, and once you do; it can accelerate your cognitive flexibility, creativity, and self-transcendence. After, it sets you on a continuous journey to understand yourself better; but through integration, you will be able to walk more confidently on the path toward your truth. 

During the ceremony, there is a purging process to be mindful of. The facilitator will suggest a diet, i.e., dieta, to follow, typically ten days before the ceremony. The dieta is a supporting factor in taking the medicine, so that it can activate fully and ensure the body is as clear as possible to process the medicine most effectively. After the ceremony, you will likely have more work to do to integrate this new information into your life. It is important to be ready to do this work; to come to the plant with an open mind, open heart, and clear intention; and to be open to navigating the feelings that may arise. 

Psilocybin and San Pedro 

For high-achieving entrepreneurs that wish to approach plant medicine in a “gentler” way, psilocybin and san pedro may be better options. They are very powerful tools for healing, but often don’t have as intense physical reactions in the body.

These plant medicines can be quite impactful, especially if you want to use them to reconnect to your body, which can help you make better decisions in the present moment and move past limited beliefs. Others report significant physical and psychological healing, improved vitality, and receiving deep clarity on life challenges.

Regardless of whichever plant medicine you work with; many say sitting once with them is similar to ten to fifteen years of therapy or professional development. Each plant medicine and each ceremony in which you sit with these plants is your own. No two people will have the same experience. It is a very personal journey that can help you grow in your own way. Although this growth hack is not for everyone, it is a potent tool for change.