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growth intensives

“Once we have kindled our desire for something better in our work, we have immediately raised the stakes”

– David Whyte

Our signature Growth Intensive provide an unparalleled ONE-ON-ONE opportunity to reveal the most powerful aspects of yourself and shed the limits that hold you back.


We design a complete and custom accelerated growth intensive just for you - this is not group coaching.


With our expert guidance, you choose the peak experience that will most effectively support you in achieving the change you most desire.


You get complete one-on-one personal attention with your executive coach.

Growth Intensives

your journey starts here

Our signature Growth Intensive provide an unparalleled opportunity to reveal the most powerful aspects of yourself and shed the limits that hold you back.

Our Comprehensive Growth Intensive

Are you a high-achieving entrepreneur or executive who needs to quickly break through a stubborn and persistent roadback standing between you and your highest potential? Maybe you…

  • Want to make a career transition, but can’t figure out what to do next
  • Struggle with the imposter syndrome and patterns that hold you back
  • Unsure how to move out of a fear-based mindset to one of love
  • Need inspired clarity to re-align your life and career

Our unique and comprehensive Grown Intensive are designed to help you achieve the change you most desire and master how to break through your inherent immunity to change.

Over the course of 3 months, we’ll work together to discover the elements of your leadership that are derailing your success, test new beliefs and assumptions, and implement practices and habits that’ll evolve your career and life to a whole new level.

Awake the Soul

The Equine Experience

Are you a high-achieving executive or entrepreneur who needs to quickly break through your most stubborn and persistent roadblocks, which stand in the way of your most important goals and highest potential?

Our beautiful horses have the unique ability to mirror and magnify the challenges we face, often at a level we haven’t yet recognized, especially helping us unlock our hidden potential. During this 3 month leadership accelerator, you’ll work through our proprietary Growth Formula with your executive coach, and equine partners to accelerate your growth by eliminating these roadblocks and mastering change to create the life you most desire.

The transformation you’ll experience


A deep reconnection to the intelligence of the body

Tap into the emotions and sensations of the body to make clear decisions, and align to our deepest purpose.


Cultivate leading edge emotional agility

Build the skills to lead authentically, shift limiting beliefs, and master change.


Revitalize a sense of joy and awe

Move away from the familiar and dive deeply into the enlivening moments just outside of your comfort zone.


A transformational break through

Quickly break through stubborn and persistent roadblocks in the way of your goal and highest potential.

Our evidence-based approach to deliver accelerated results:

  • Our proprietary Growth Formula and Growth Leader Index
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Assessment
  • Discovery preparation before the peak experience
  • Three-day, in-person experience with our equine partners
  • All-inclusive retreat including lodging, food, and beverages
  • A three-month leadership accelerator program
  • A complimentary copy of The Evolved Executive
  • Individual Executive Coaching sessions + Immunity to Change roadmap
  • Expert guidance to deepen insights, accountability, support, and encouragement
  • Exercises, homework, and meditations to enhance your growth and experience

Why Horses?

Working alongside horses taps into their innate wisdom, which comes from how they are designed to interact with their environment and stay safe as prey animals. Horses respond to our body language and our intentions. They provide signals that serve as a mirror and deliver non-judgmental and actionable feedback.

Horses provide a powerful means to gain vital self-awareness that is not possible in human-to-human interactions. Feedback from a horse is visceral; you feel it in your body. The results are often profound and can drive real change in your life. Working with horses provides what we need most today in our leadership, a reconnection to our purpose, our humanness, and our intuition as our guide forward.

Emotional Agility

Keenly aware of emotional energies, horses’ sense what we’re feeling and processing, sometimes better than we do. We may hide our real feelings, even from ourselves, but you cannot fool a horse. Horses can sense the emotions that lurk beneath the surface of our awareness and mirror them back to us, showing us what we’ve been missing, avoiding, or hiding.

Master Change

In this real-time experience, you and the horse begin to make sense of your new insights and integrate them into your life going forward in ways unavailable through human-to-human interaction.

Join us for this unique and powerful integration immersion to ensure you get the most from your plant medicine experience.

Awake the Soul Details

Once you’ve worked with Horse Medicine, you will never look at yourself and the world the same again.

Deep Reconnection to your Insights

With your Horse Partner, deepen the understanding and impact of your plant medicine lessons.

Transformational Breakthrough

Surrender the mind and connect deeply with the natural world to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Fast-Track Authentic Growth

Quickly identify and loosen the grip of your biggest challenge in the way of your greatest potential.

Awaken your Power

Embody and anchor new behaviors and actions, paving the way for your new life with ease and grace.

This Three-Month Growth Intensive includes:

Three-day Retreat

a one-on-one horse-guided retreat at our ranch


lodging, food and beverage

Executive Coaching

8 Executive Coaching sessions +Immunity to Change roadmap

Expert Guidance

for deepening insights, accountability, support, and encouragement

Exercises, Homework, and Meditations

to enhance your integration and growth

A complimentary copy

of the book, The Evolved Executive

Program Overview

Together we will experience a 3-month growth intensive designed to deeply evolve your mindset, elevate your heartset, and advance your life and leadership. This experience includes:

  • Preparation prior to the retreat;
  • A fully immersive 3-day in-person horse-guided integration retreat, and
  • A 3-month facilitated executive coaching program

You will be fully supported by seasoned practitioners, beautiful horses, and curated experiences to create powerful insights and accelerated results. Additional 1-on-1 private executive coaching is available to complement the program. 


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What is Horse Medicine

There is true magic that exists in the human-horse interaction. Horses provide a unique and powerful new perspective on how to accelerate our growth and tap into new gifts we never thought possible. 

Horses are living biofeedback teachers. Deeply connected to their environment and the Earth, Horses sense and provide instant feedback on the emotions and sensations their human is experiencing in the moment (whether the human recognizes it or not). They help us see through the felt perception of the heart.

Horses reconnect us to the language of the body and heart. As you increasingly honor the body’s sensations, you increasingly understand them to constitute a language of thought that is distinct from what the head knows…intuition!

Finally, horses are beautifully designed authenticity builders. They help us remember who we are at a time we need it most. You may be able to fool me, but you cannot fool a horse. Through the powerful interaction between the human and horse, you find ways to drop the masks hiding your brilliance and come home to yourself. 

Join the horses on this powerful journey back to wholeness. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that will profoundly change your life.

What's Included

This Growth Intensive includes a selection of activities and practices from among those listed below. Choices are dictated by the energies, needs, and nature of the individual or group.


  • One-on-one experiences with a horse partner (that chooses you) to reconnect with your insights and gain new information
  • Exercises with the herd to deepen your learning and weave new behaviors into your life
  • Nature-based practices to integrate learning into your being and body
  • Breathwork exercises with an expert Mayan Teacher
  • Music with the herd
  • Art sessions with the herd
  • A beautiful environment with lovely accommodations
  • All chef-prepared meals, all beverages
  • Unlimited natural spring water
  • Shuttle Airport pickup & drop off (Colorado Springs Airport)

Coaching Program:

  • Private one-on-one coaching
  • Weekly/bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • Immunity to Change roadmap and tests of change
  • Curated materials and resources to support your learning
  • Small tests of change to solidity new beliefs and behaviors

Come join us at our beautiful little ranch, The Red Horse Ranch, in southern Colorado.


General Itinerary


Day 1: Arrival and opening dinner, intention workshop
Day 2: Horse medicine experiences, and immunity to change
Day 3: Horse medicine experiences, and closing circle

Executive Coaching Program

Month Three: WEAVE 


Arrive into Colorado Springs, CO (airport code: COS). Executive airport shuttle will be available to bring you to The Red Horse Ranch

  • We will provide details on timing
  • Private transportation is also available (additional cost)

Results you can expect

The investment

Our signature Growth Intensives provide an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your growth by revealing the most powerful aspects of yourself, your purpose, and shedding the limits that hold you back.

How much time have you wasted trying to find the clarity you so long for which would enable you to experience a fulfilling, peaceful, and joyful life and career?

Without a transformational experience and proven process for integrating change, you’ll get the same results you’ve always gotten. Frustration, anger, apathy, sadness…

What has it cost you to stay safely in your comfort zone, afraid to make the jump even though you know in your heart it’s the best thing to do?

These intentionally designed Growth Intensives are an equal balance of support and challenge. With potent peak experiences, it’s important to have highly skilled facilitators and processes to keep you safe and supported throughout the experience. But you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and face the scary and uncomfortable fears and challenges that you’ve been avoiding for years.

Trust us, it’s not for everyone. It’s only for those who are ready to break the chains stopping them from living a full and enriched life. If that sounds like you, then let’s talk.

Are You a Fit for Our Growth Intensives?

You’re likely a good fit if you…

  • Are ready to face the challenges within your own leadership that have been resistant to change.
  • Realize you are likely the culprit of the repeating problems you see in your team and organization.
  • Want to find a better way to enact change within yourself and others.
  • Are motivated to grow out of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.
  • Have the courage and commitment to dive into deep development work.

You’re likely not a good fit if you…

  • Still can’t see that your life should be your #1 focus.
  • Don’t want to take personal responsibility.
  • Aren’t truly ready for big changes.
  • Aren’t ready to examine and change your beliefs.
  • Can’t find a space in your life to focus on yourself.

If you feel frustrated or stuck in a downward spiral with an unnerving feeling your life was meant to be something greater, let’s talk.


  • You’re an Executive or Entrepreneur that leads team(s).
  • You may have been an Executive or Entrepreneur, but are in the midst of a transition.
  • You’ve had success, but you realize there are more that you desire and want to uncover.
  • You’re ready to change – meaning you are committed to making new choices to create what you want to see.
  • You’re curious, courageous, and committed to your growth and the growth and well-being of the people all around you.

Invest in your growth

All of our coaching engagements begin with a three-month package which includes two 60-minute sessions or two 90-minute sessions per month with additional support on an as-needed-basis. After the initial three-months, engagements often continue on a month to month basis.