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The Untethered 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We understand you spend your money wisely, and we respect your ability to take it back if you’re not happy with what you’ve purchased.

 That’s why we offer a complete, 100% money-back guarantee.

Our Complete Intensive Money-Back Guarantee

If you haven’t seen noticeable, quantifiable improvements in your “One Big Thing” by the end of the program, we shouldn’t have your money.

Our 3 Simple Requirements

We ask you for three simple requirements in order to qualify for this refund:

1: You’ve acted with integrity to uphold your end of the relationship—meaning…

You’ve attended and fully engaged in all scheduled sessions and activities.

You’ve completed all prep work and intersession exercises.

You’ve expressed any concerns to your coach and provided an opportunity to course correct.

2: You maintained your personal health and surrounded yourself in healthy environments and relationships during the program — meaning…

You’ve engaged in healthy relationships and taken good care of yourself.

You’ve not allowed others skepticism or perspective to discourage your commitment to this process.

You’ve not abused substances that interfere or affect your outcomes.

3. You haven’t shifted your goal —meaning…

You’ve had clear focus and commitment on resolving your “One Big Thing.”

We realize many areas will emerge through this process, but you’ve remained focused on resolving your one specific area of change.

If you desire to work on additional areas, our other coaching programs are designed to support you and continue the growth work.

Why do we offer this?

We designed a comprehensive application and intake process specifically because we want to invest in only those ready to make big changes.

We also understand a high level of trust is required when investing in your own personal growth.

We take you and your growth seriously, this is why we do the work we do. If we missed the mark, we are willing to own our part in the process, and we simply ask that you do the same.