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leadership retreat

Untether your leadership potential

harness the power of equine wisdom to navigate change

Our signature Leadership Retreat provides an unparalleled opportunity to reveal the most powerful aspects of yourself and shed the limits that hold you back with horses as your guides, co-creators, and mirrors.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience designed for high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs looking to unlock their full leadership potential, gain clarity, and navigate change with confidence.

With the help of our wise and intuitive equine partners, you will discover new insights about yourself, tap into your inner strength, and develop a deeper understanding of how to lead yourself and others through times of change. Our unique approach combines experiential learning with proven leadership principles, and our expert facilitators will guide you every step of the way.

Join us for a life-changing experience that will help you step into your full potential and lead with courage and clarity.


Why horses?

Working alongside horses taps into their innate wisdom, which comes from how they are designed to interact with their environment and stay safe as prey animals. Horses respond to our body language and our intentions. They provide signals that serve as a mirror and deliver non-judgmental and actionable feedback.

Horses provide a powerful means to gain vital self-awareness that is not possible in human-to-human interactions. Feedback from a horse is visceral; you feel it in your body. The results are often profound and can drive real change in your life. Working with horses provides what we need most today in our leadership, a reconnection to our purpose, our humanness, and our intuition as our guide forward.

Emotional Healing

Keenly aware of emotional energies, horses’ sense what we’re feeling and processing, sometimes better than we do. We may hide our real feelings, even from ourselves, but you cannot fool a horse. Horses can sense the emotions that lurk beneath the surface of our awareness and mirror them back to us, showing us what we’ve been missing, avoiding, or hiding.

Master Change

In this real-time experience, you and the horse begin to make sense of your new insights and integrate them into your life going forward in ways unavailable through human-to-human interaction.

Join us for this unique and powerful experience! 

Curious what this looks like in real life? Check the link to read Sharon’s personal experience.

Horse-Guided Retreat Details

Once you’ve worked with Horse Medicine, you will never look at yourself and the world the same again.

Deep Reconnection to your Insights

With your Horse Partner, deepen the understanding and impact of your plant medicine lessons.

Transformational Breakthrough

Surrender the mind and connect deeply with the natural world to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Fast-Track Authentic Growth

Quickly identify and loosen the grip of your biggest challenge in the way of your greatest potential.

Awaken your Power

Embody and anchor new behaviors and actions, paving the way for your new life with ease and grace.

This Retreat includes:

Three-day Retreat

horse-guided retreat at our ranch


lodging, food and beverage

Integration Coaching

Two Coaching sessions +Immunity to Change work

Expert Guidance

for deepening insights, accountability, support, and encouragement

Exercises, Homework, and Meditations

to enhance your integration and growth

A complimentary copy

of the book, The Evolved Executive

Program Overview

Together we will experience a deep-dive retreat designed to gain invaluable insights and reflection on your self, your relationships, and your leadership, as well as evolve your mindset, and advance your life and career. This experience includes:

  • Preparation prior to the retreat;
  • A fully immersive 3-day in-person horse-guided integration retreat, and
  • Post Retreat 1:1 coaching session

You will be fully supported by seasoned practitioners, beautiful horses, and curated experiences to create powerful insights and accelerated results. Additional 1-on-1 private executive coaching is available to complement the program. 


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What is Horse Medicine

The spiritual bond between Horse and Human traces back to the beginning of time. Horses have been depicted as the closest partners in the evolution of humankind and are seen in ancient mythology, native spirituality, and many religions as invaluable teachers, mentors, and guides. 

There is true magic that exists in the human-horse interaction. Horses provide a unique and powerful new perspective on how to accelerate our growth and tap into new gifts we never thought possible. 

Deeply connected to their environment and the Earth, Horses can help us to slow down and reconnect with our inner knowing, rekindling the medicine that can be found in nature and the healing that can be found within ourselves.

Finally, horses help us remember who we are at a time we need it most. Join the horses on this powerful journey back to wholeness. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that will profoundly change your life.

What's Included

This Retreat includes a selection of activities and practices from among those listed below. Choices are dictated by the energies, needs, and nature of the individual or group.


  • One-on-one and group experiences with a horse partner (that chooses you) to reconnect with your insights and gain new information
  • Exercises with the herd to deepen your learning and weave new behaviors into your life
  • Nature-based practices to integrate learning into your being and body
  • Breathwork exercises with an expert Mayan Teacher
  • Integration sessions
  • Sacred art sessions with the herd
  • A beautiful environment with lovely accommodations
  • All chef-prepared meals, all beverages
  • Unlimited natural spring water


  • Private one-on-one and group coaching
  • Pre and Post coaching sessions
  • Immunity to Change work and tests of change
  • Curated materials and resources to support your learning

Come join us at our beautiful little ranch, The Red Horse Ranch, in southern Colorado.


Total Investment: $2,500 (only 6 spots available)

All pricing is per person and includes all gourmet meals, lodging, horse medicine experiences, all nature-based activities, pre-retreat preparation, and post-retreat coaching session. Transportation is not included.


      General Itinerary


      Day 1: Arrival and opening dinner
      Day 2: Intention work and horse medicine experiences
      Day 3: Horse medicine experiences and immunity to change     Day 4: Horse medicine experience and closing circle


      Meet the Herd


      Untethered helps leaders just like you — achieve the results most desire. Listen to what they had to say about our programs.

      The experience gave me what I absolutely needed, which was: to create a clearer path to love, create a deeper connection with myself, and release my grief. I released massive blockages around feeling safe within myself to process past trauma. 

      This experience has led me to feel comfortable to take this leap to the next chapter, and breakdown the walls that kept me sheltered from my own personal growth. A heaviness has been lifted from me and I didn’t need years of therapy; I was able to uncover this stuff in an afternoon. 

      I feel like I have taken a huge step in doing the most selfless act of all: taking care of myself first.

      Madelyne Park


      “The most valuable part of this experience was to let myself feel free of past burdens and associations and to accept myself as I am. Truly a gift I will never forget and am deeply grateful for the magic of the horses!

      Bill Stabnau


      The experience with the horses was meaningful and unusual, it was an intense interaction that defies definition, communicating with an animal on such an intense emotional and spiritual level was really unexpected for me. Words can’t really capture the experience. I went into the retreat with virtually no experience with horses, If you can allow yourself to be completely open and sincere with the horses, they will reward you in ways that you never can imagine. I felt a rush of unplanned and unexpected emotions – crying, sadness, joy, love – and the environment felt really safe to expose sides of my emotional self that I usually keep private. Heather and Colby were wonderful hosts and facilitators.”

      Sharon VanBramer

      Bluestone Ayahuasca

      “This experience helped me learn what it feels like to lead from the heart and not the head. I walk away with a new commitment and promise to live my life with an open heart.”

      Melinda Berry