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Untethered exists to

accelerate your growth

Accelerating growth and mastering change is our super power. We expertly guide you on an experiential learning journey which ultimately leads to elevating your purpose, leadership and organization.

Growth Intensives

your journey starts here

Our signature Growth Intensives provide an unparalleled opportunity to reveal the most powerful aspects of yourself and shed the limits that hold you back.

Dive Inwards & Charge Forward

Uncover your innate wisdom and potential to catapult your leadership and life

Transform FEAR to LOVE

Surrender the mind and connect deeply with the natural world to heal the mind, body, and spirit through love

Fast-Track Authentic Growth

Discover your essence to actualize “far-reaching and ambitious” goals to accelerate sustainable, long-lasting change

Awaken your Power

Fuel your natural abilities and lead with your whole self, acting from cooperation, relationship, intuition and the creative approach needed for real change

Our Approach

Our approach to coaching is a process of remembering who you are and reinventing yourself all at the same time. With a keen focus on accelerated growth and results, we help you make significant changes in a short period of time. That said, there are a number of differentiators that make our coaching process so much more life-changing for entrepreneurs and high-achievers.

This is accelerated change.

You will get the change you’re looking for, permanently. This is not meant to be a forever engagement, we are here to help you solve whatever you’ve defined is holding you back.

This is evidence-based coaching.

There are thousands of coaching approaches but ours is backed by actual evidence of delivering results. What else would you expect from a PhD?

This is completely custom for you.

We’re working with you so that’s what we’ll do. There’s no audience here so you’re free to show up completely in order to do the real work.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee because we stand behind everything we do.

growth intensives

Discover and implement the insider secrets that pioneering leaders and entrepreneurs use to catapult their lives and leadership. It’s time to embrace our fears, shake hands with our shadows, and welcome in the tides of change.

executive coaching

Tap into the tools to reach your highest potential and seize unlimited opportunities within an organization. Now's the time to accelerate your growth, learn how to master change, and become the leader the world needs. 

Growth Formula

We’ve created an evidence-based “Growth Formula” to guide our growth intensives to ensure you are supported at each step.


The Invincible Power of Intent

It’s time to discover your One Big Thing! This powerful intent will guide your sense of purpose, help chart your life’s path forward, and will support this entire experience.

As we prepare for our peak experience, your coach will guide you through this discovery process and begin surfacing the critical roadblocks of change. Your intention coupled with an understanding of your immunity to change provides a critical foundation to any peak experience by allowing you to see how your beliefs and mindsets sabotage your attempt to grow and evolve.

Peak Experience

A Life-Changing Experience to Catalyze Accelerated Growth

Your peak experience will provide you the opportunity to experience an expansion of self, a sense of oneness, and a glimpse into the hidden potential lying within.

“The emotional reaction to the peak experience has a special flavor of wonder, of awe, of reverence, of humility and surrender before the experience as before something great.” Abraham Maslow

With each unique experience, you will dive deeply into yourself and connect with a group of like-minded individuals on a similar path of growth for support, encouragement, and fun!


It’s time for Change

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. ” ~ Rumi

Working alongside each client immediately following our peak experience, we catch the window of opportunity for transformational change. Our integration provides the momentum needed to achieve the change you set out to make. Here you’ll experience 1:1 coaching, peer learning, small tests of change, and reconnection to your community for support and encouragement as you create new change in your life, your team, and organization.

No matter how you engage with us, you can expect to experience a cutting-edge approach to growth that follows this similar path.

The transformation you’ll experience


A transformational break through

Quickly break through stubborn and persistent roadblocks in the way of your goals and highest potential.


Inspired clarity

Uncover the insights you need to make in your leadership and life to create your most desired results.


Revitalize a sense of joy and awe

Move away from the familiar and dive deeply into the enlivening moments just outside your comfort zone.


An evidence-based repeatable strategy

Master change with a proven change process to ground your leadership in LOVE instead of FEAR.