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Team Growth Intensives

Unlock the full potential of your team with a once-in-a-lifetime accelerated growth experience.

Team Growth Intensive Overview

Growth is a Team Sport

Companies, teams, and other organized groups struggle with change just like individuals. You all know where your team wants to go and your goals, but often, roadblocks get in the way and hold back progress and strong performance.

Traditional team development efforts often provide dismal results. This Team Growth Intensive is for leaders looking for a cutting-edge strategy for accelerated team development. This unique offering is designed from the latest research and best practices on change and adult learning.

Our evidence-based approach to deliver accelerated results:

  • Our unique and proprietary Growth Formula and Growth Leader Index
  • Team strategy session to understand the group’s situation, goals, challenges and key milestones to direct the path forward
  • Five-week facilitated team leadership accelerator program
  • Complimentary copies of The Evolved Executive 
  • Team Coaching sessions + Immunity to Change team map
  • Facilitated cohort meetings to deepen insights, accountability, support, and encouragement
  • Exercises, homework, and meditations to enhance your growth and experience

The transformation you’ll experience:

  • Uncover your team’s One Big Thing: the one thing that if completely resolved, would allow your team to achieve its most important goals.
  • Cultivate leading edge emotional agility needed to lead authentically, shift limiting beliefs, and breakthrough roadblocks to master change. 
  • Foster pivotal team leadership skills and keen self-awareness to navigate conflict and uncertain situations.
  • Uncover inspired clarity to create the change the team most needs to achieve its goals and purpose.

Discover a newfound sense of community and belonging with your team to boost engagement, commitment, and joy in the workplace.

Team Growth Sprint
Signature Team Experience
Growth Sprint
The accelerated growth of people, culture, & organizational performance.
It’s time to activate an un-ending flow of untapped potential, collaboration and success! Get ready to discover how not only to co-create but, ACCELERATE change. This deep diving growth sprint unveils the beliefs and hidden commitments that block your team’s ability to change and equips you with the tools to reach the goals you most desire.

We will teach you how to advance your leadership capabilities and build teams that are fueled by confidence and an unrelenting desire for growth, so you can create the next generation of innovators.

The transformation you’ll experience


Maximize Change Leadership:

Expose and resolve sabotaging patterns and self-limiting beliefs by applying tactical skills that will help you catalyze personal and team results that were once unachievable.

Cultivate Empowered and Driven Teams:

Transform your leadership and team by introducing pivotal growth experiences that will cement a culture of unparalleled performance, engagement and inspiration.

Build Game-changers & Innovators:

Arm yourself and team with a change-ready mindset and repeatable process that embraces fear and risk in order to fuel the confidence to make consistent, bold transformational breakthroughs.

Our evidence-based approach to deliver accelerated results:


Signature Growth Sprint
  • 4 weeks
  • Accelerated team and individual growth
  • Significant progress on the most critical team priority
  • Current work as the catalyst for growth
  • 1:1 expert guidance to help your team master change

Critical Elements

Launch & Closing Workshops

Build a deeper sense of community and connection, introduce core concepts of the Immunity to change process, and provide deep insight and feedback that enable team members uncover, engage, and breakthrough the limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns hold them back

Weekly Experiments

Learn how to quickly test limiting beliefs and curiously experiment with new ways of being and doing all while focusing on the most important work the team needs to achieve.

Peer & Expert Coaching

Receive personalized support and expert guidance throughout the entire process, and a repeatable change strategy to foster your team’s exponential success.

Team Growth Intensives

The Team Growth Sprint is the precursor to our Team Equine and Team Sacred Plant Medicine Growth Intensives. These additional Growth Intensives are designed for teams who want to dive into a deeper peak experience. You and your team will experience a custom-designed peak experience that unleashes the individual as well as collective performance and potential. Learn more about these additional Team Growth Intensives below.

The Team Growth Intensive will be custom designed to meet the team’s specific challenges and collective goals.

This experience is for team’s who are not afraid to get vulnerable and dive into their shared beliefs and struggles and quickly form a strong community of colleagues and supporters to tackle the most critical challenges and achieve accelerated results. 

The Investment

Our Team Growth Intensives provides an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your team’s growth by:


  • Revealing the most powerful, and often hidden, beliefs that sabotage your best intentions of change.
  • Shedding the limits and assumptions that hold the team back.
  • Providing a proven and repeatable change management approach to master change and navigate uncertainty.

How much time and resources have you already spent trying to find a world-class program that actually moves the needle with little to no sustainable results?

Without the proper supportive environment, transformational peak experience, and proven process for integrating change, you and your team get the same results you’ve always gotten. Frustration, disappointment, apathy, sadness, and a return to the status quo…

These custom-designed Team Intensives are an equal balance of support and challenge that deliver accelerated results for high-achieving teams so you can break through stubborn roadblocks and master change to create the results you most need and desire.

Trust us; this experience is not for the average team. It’s only for those ready to do the work and champion a path of growth that results in extraordinary performance no matter the adversity and uncertainty.

If this sounds like you and your team, then let’s talk.

Is Your Team A Good Fit For Our Retreats?

Teams who are ready…
  • Are willing to invest their time to accelerating their team’s performance.
  • Believe that when we invest in our people and teams, we invest in the longevity of our organization’s success.
  • Understand that when teams thrive, companies thrive.
Teams who are not ready…
  • Aren’t willing to invest resources to create a high-performing team
  • See growth and development experiences as a nice perk, but not required for organizational success.
  • Aren’t ready to invest in their people.

Ready to realize the full potential of your team?