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Accelerate your growth by breaking through stubborn roadblocks and mastering change to create the results you most desire.

our clients…

• Break through stubborn roadblocks and master change

• Eliminate limiting beliefs that hold them back

• Uncover inspired clarity to make changes with confidence

• Step powerfully into their true self and chart a new path forward

Are you ready?

We break through entrepreneur’s + executive’s stubborn and persistent roadblocks.

We know that to overcome persistent roadblocks, we have to get clear on what’s holding you back, and provide a powerful process to facilitate your evolution and growth.  

Other change programs simply focus on the problem and solution without getting below the surface to truly understand what is sabotaging your best attempts at change.

Instead, we provide a holistic approach to growth that uncovers your limiting beliefs and patterns, provides an invaluable peak experience to create newfound clarity, and an integration process that solidifies the results you most desire.

Pinpoint what’s holding you back

By identifying your “One Big Thing,” you’ll see the patterns that sabotage your attempts at change and learn how to overcome these roadblocks in work and life.

Discover clarity and direction

By creating inspired awareness, our Growth Formula allows you to step into your truest self without having to sacrifice what you’ve worked so hard for.

Drive authentic change

By overturning your immunity to change, you’ll lift the veil of fear and discover authentic action to create the change you most desire.

You might not know what’s wrong, but something just isn’t right.

We know this isn’t the first place you’ve looked. Books, podcasts, online courses, and retreats are always a resource. But sometimes, they don’t quite get to the heart of the problem.

Our proven and evidence-based Growth Formula and exceptional practitioners make all the difference. You will have the support, tools, and process needed to master the change you most desire.


growth intensives

Discover and implement the insider secrets that pioneering leaders and entrepreneurs use to catapult their lives and leadership. It’s time to embrace our fears, shake hands with our shadows, and welcome in the tides of change.

executive coaching

Tap into the tools to reach your highest potential and seize unlimited opportunities within an organization. Now's the time to accelerate your growth, learn how to master change, and become the leader the world needs. 

Our Clients

We realize what we provide isn’t for everyone. To give you a quick idea, our typical client:


Is ready to face the challenges within their own leadership and life that have been resistant to change.


Realizes they are likely the culprit of the repeating problems they see in their teams and organizations.


Wants to find a better way to enact change within themselves and others.


Is motivated to grow out of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck.


Has the courage and commitment to dive into deep work.

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Untethered helps leaders just like you — achieve the results most desire. Listen to what they had to say about our programs.

“Heather is hands down the best coach I’ve ever had. She has fostered deep personal growth and helped me show up as the person and professional I most want to be. I’ve gotten nudges when needed, support when needed, and most importantly, an open and honest thoughtful partner to help me navigate the workplace and maximize my contribution. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather to my friends and colleagues.”

Nancy Parker Taylor

Chief Strategy Officer

“Heather Hanson Wickman shares her authentic self while providing guidance, tools and resources to “Be open and vulnerable as a leader, communicate frequently and lead intentionally from a space of love”. We leaders have a choice to lead with love over fear and this will put you on that path!”

The experience with the horses was meaningful and unusual, it was an intense interaction that defies definition, communicating with an animal on such an intense emotional and spiritual level was really unexpected for me. Words can’t really capture the experience. I went into the retreat with virtually no experience with horses, If you can allow yourself to be completely open and sincere with the horses, they will reward you in ways that you never can imagine. I felt a rush of unplanned and unexpected emotions – crying, sadness, joy, love – and the environment felt really safe to expose sides of my emotional self that I usually keep private. Heather and Colby were wonderful hosts and facilitators.”

Sharon VanBramer

“Heather has been an insightful coach and a wonderful accountability partner. She offers a warm, judgement-free approach that lends itself to deep personal and professional development. Untethered has given me powerful tools to apply long after my engagement has ended. I’ve been thrilled with the experience.”

Cris M.

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It’s time to take charge

If you’ve been struggling, you’re in the right place. We’ve seen and heard it all:

“I don’t know what’s holding me back, but I hate that it’s happening.”

“Why don’t I already know my purpose and deeper meaning for life?”

“I feel like my career is on autopilot.”

“I’ve tried therapy, coaches, and self-help books trying to change and nothing’s worked.”

the future of work is love in action

The Evolved Executive
Need to update your leadership?

I’ll show you how to evolve your leadership from management practices of the past that silently sabotage your success to enlightened leadership abilities that take you to the next level

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