Embark On a Journey of Self Discovery & Personal Transformation

Reveal deep rooted insights and overcome unspoken challenges for more clarity and direction in 3 memorable days.

People Think You Have It All, But what You Really Want Is Something That You Can’t Really Define?

In our Transformational Retreats, you will activate your subtle intelligence and learn how to use the magical language from horses to sharpen your own senses to process this feedback in a judgment-free zone. We will tackle your inner voice and sharpen your senses to hear and feel what has been suppressed over the years.

What to Expect From This Transformational Equine Experience?

Activate Radical Self-Awareness for Organizational and Personal Growth

Every retreat is a unique, hands-on, and enjoyable experience harnessing reflection, brainstorming, and problem-solving in a serene, beautiful setting. In an intimate  group of 8-12 participants, we will perform exercises that cultivate somatic intelligence and map out a customized action plan.

Are You Ready to Experience Powerful Self
Discovery In a Guided Group Setting?

You will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery in just 3 days where you’ll discover a renewed sense of clarity and direction as you activate important mechanisms within yourself. Working in a safe setting of a group and having the opportunity to engage with our horses you will uncover your true purpose in life and establish a solid foundation for a successful and prosperous future. 

Riding the Wisdom Within…Where Personal Evolution meets Play!

Create Lasting Memories With Our Unique Experiences 

July 25-29

Apache Spring Ranch, Sonoita, AZ

October 6-12

Factorial Tegoni,Tuscany, Italy


Beulah, Colorado, Private VIP Retreat ​


Sharon VanBramer,
Bluestone Ayahuasca

Words can’t really capture the experience. I felt a rush of unplanned and unexpected emotions – crying, sadness, joy, love – and the environment felt really safe to expose sides of my emotional self that I usually keep private.

Madelyne Park,
CEO MJ Housing

This experience has led me to feel comfortable breaking down the walls that kept me sheltered from my own personal growth. A heaviness has been lifted from me and I didn’t need years of therapy; I was able to uncover this stuff in an afternoon. I feel like I have taken a huge step in doing the most selfless act of all: taking care of myself first.

Bill Stabnau,
CEO Niuminc

The most valuable part of this experience was to let myself feel free of past burdens and associations and to accept myself as I am. Truly a gift I will never forget and am deeply grateful for the magic of the horses!

In our transformative retreats, you will find clarity and direction leading the way into a brighter future for yourself and the people around you.  Let’s begin to engage in your inner work and overcome fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs. 

The Evolved Executive

An essential blueprint for designing a vibrant, cutting-edge organization – leading from love not fear.

“This book is a must-read for any leader or executive who comes to work daily knowing there is a better and more purpose-derived way to serve the people who serve our patients and other customers. The quiet and not-so-quiet desperation for a different path so absent from today’s disconnected workplaces is the subject of this book. It is written with heart from a leader with a heart…who has seen this type of leadership done well and also lived through/alongside the opposite. It is my hope that this practical body of work will become THE way we lead and that we will do so unabashedly and even proudly. It will make a difference in our health: mind, body, and soul.”

Jandel T. Allen-Davis, MD

VP, Government, External Relations and Research, Kaiser Permanente