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About Us

Founded in 2014, we are a deeply-trained, highly-published, evidence-based team with a clear mission: To help our clients accelerate their growth by breaking through stubborn roadblocks and mastering change to create the life they most desire.

We help leaders like you…

find a clear purpose in your work and life.

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Our Team

Heather Wickman

– Co-Founder

I’m a Minnesota gal, born and raised near Walnut Grove on the family farm. I hold a PhD in Organizational Systems – Leading Transformational Change, an MA in Human Resources and Organizational Development, and a BS in Human Resource Development. I’ve worked with companies such as Optum, Envision Healthcare, DaVita Medical Group and have led and consulted leaders in many Executive level positions at over 20 companies. Many of my clients have struggled with navigating change and uncertainty, making massive career transitions, and building highly engaged and top-performing teams. I’ve used our proven tools to help them overcome these challenges and come out on the top.

Colby Wickman

– Co-Founder

I’m a serial entrepreneur and practitioner of speaking the truth with a dash of love. I’ve had over 25 years of leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies, global conglomerates and franchise organizations such as Airgas, Heartland Energy and Trend Group, specializing in change management, business strategy development, marketing and sales leadership.

There has to be a better way…

That phrase was at the root of many of Heather’s and Colby’s conversations around work and personal development, especially before their big awakening.

Before we became Untethered, it seemed like lasting change was nearly impossible to accomplish, whether on an individual or organizational level. We witnessed intense suffering in the workplace, with our colleagues, our bosses, our teammates, and ourselves. 

The work environment was sucking the soul and energy out of the best laid plans and most beautiful people.

Everything we believed in and created no longer carried meaning.  It was time to level up!

So, we made an incredibly difficult decision: we resigned from our corporate roles.

We sold our house and everything in it and left for Thailand for three months. We literally had no idea what the next step would be. The only thing we knew was that we had to change ourselves in order to create the change we most wanted to see in the world. 

For the first time in our lives, we discovered what it felt like to be untethered, guided solely by a much larger vision and purpose.

We founded Untethered in 2014 and haven’t looked back. We searched the globe for the best people and processes that would allow us to guide profound change.  This search required us to be our own test subjects, experimenting with each modality and diving into deeply transformational experiences which have informed each step of our evolution.

When you feel stuck and need that mind-blowing, heart-opening, life-shifting experience, imagine how it would feel to be Untethered.

If you feel frustrated or stuck in a downward spiral with an unnerving feeling your life was meant to be something greater, let’s talk.
Why Untethered?

We shift paradigms, together.

The experiences we provide are not for the meek or soft willed. We deeply understand and operate under the universal truth that when an individual changes the world changes.

Rest confidently in the fact that we will never ask you to do something we haven’t ourselves experienced and tested. We are growing and evolving alongside you and have worked with these cutting-edge practices and journey’s extensively over the past ten years. We also have vast experience in the corporate world, guiding leaders in transformational change for over two decades. Out of this work, we’ve found the key to bridging the gap between accelerated growth and the corporate world of work. As successful entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we honor the importance of moving the needle on all fronts. Internally, we believe in a better, more soulful way of engaging in life and work – a way that is heartfelt, marked by fostering community and creating true positive impact for our clients and the world.

our vision

Unlocking more joy, love, freedom and peace in those we work with so that together we can change the world.

our values

As we work with individuals and organizations, understanding their beliefs and values is critical to designing solutions and change approaches that create successful and lasting results. These beliefs or core values, whether articulated or not, are the foundation for behaviors and decisions. The values that underpin our work, guide our actions, and define our identity include:
Authentic Change

To embrace change infused with deeper meaning. To upend the status quo, push to challenge our fears, and lean into the spaces the allow for growth.


To lead with courage. To let ourselves be seen. To love with our whole heart. To practice gratitude. To be humble. To be real.


To recognize we are all connected. To appreciate the richness of being connected in an honest and authentic way through shared vision and purpose.

Being in Service

To expand the idea of service as an obligation. To listen deeply. To act with integrity in response to your gift that meets a unique need in the world.

our approach

who is an untethered client?

A Good Fit are clients who…

Are ready to face the challenges within their own leadership that have been resistant to change.

Realize they are likely the culprit of the repeating problems they see in their teams and organizations.

Want to find a better way to enact change within themselves and others.

Are motivated to grow out of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck.

Have the courage and commitment to dive into deep development work.

Our clients are ready to change. They…

Have a healthy dose of self-awareness and are willing to do deep work that requires vulnerability, curiosity, and genuine openness.

Are dedicated to their own growth and how that growth creates ripples of change that foster stronger teams and organizations.

Have a willingness to explore new ways of growth and development to bring about change in their lives, even if it feels scary.

Realize it’s time to step up and start leading from within, which requires letting go of others expectations and trusting in yourself.

Often find us when they are burned out, frustrated, losing hope and beginning to realize that what got them here, will not get them to the next stage.

is the untethered experience right for you?