Equine Executive Coaching

Discover a comprehensive method that amplifies leadership prowess, elevates business performance and cultivates a richer, more fulfilling and balanced life for your workforce.

Discover a New Approach to Executive Coaching

Our distinctive approach to executive coaching is unparalleled, blending traditional leadership development with transformative experiences and meaningful community. 

Each engagement begins with the Gold-Standard Leadership 360 to gain critical insights into leadership performance. Then, clients embark on a private VIP retreat, where they engage in immersive sessions with horses to cultivate deep self-awareness and gain invaluable insights. This peak experience catalyzes personal growth, fostering adaptability and confidence crucial for organizational leadership. Furthermore, we provide an invitation into a community of leaders who are dedicated to this transformational work, enabling clients to continue their journey alongside like-minded passionate leaders long after our engagement concludes.

This comprehensive method not only amplifies leadership prowess and elevates business performance, but just as importantly, cultivates a richer, more fulfilling and balanced life.

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What You Will Get Out of It?

In our Equine Coaching Program, you’ll experience the transformative power of working with horses. We will use the perceptive and sensitive energy from horses to facilitate transformative change within you. You will develop new perspectives and learn what it takes to unleash your true potential. This experience is an unforgettable adventure that will create strong memories and lasting change. 

Are you ready to transform your life and overcome what’s holding you back?

Coaching Engagement Structure

Our unique Coaching Engagements usually span from 3 to 12 months, tailored precisely to cater to the leader's requirements. Crafting the roadmap is a collaborative effort between the coach and the leader, ensuring a structure that fits just right. Are you ready to transform your life and overcome what’s holding you back? 



  • Foundational Interview
  • Leadership Circle 360 Profile Assessment
  • Debrief LCP and qualitative results
  • Leadership Development Roadmap



Peak Experience – Private VIP Equine Retreat in Colorado



  • Coaching sessions every other week
  • Unlimited virtual support as needed between sessions
  • Access to top Leadership Courses



Invitation to a Leadership Network of leaders committed to leading from freedom and love

Our Approach

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The Benefits

Our approach to coaching is a process of remembering who you are and reinventing yourself all at the same time. With a keen focus on accelerated growth and results, we help you make significant changes in a short period of time.

This is Accelerated Change

You will get the change you’re looking for, permanently. This is not meant to be a forever engagement, we are here to help you solve whatever you’ve defined is holding you back.

This is Research-Based Coaching.

There are thousands of coaching approaches but ours is backed by actual evidence of delivering results. What else would you expect from a PhD?

This is Completely Custom For You

We’re working with you so that’s what we’ll do. There’s no audience here so you’re free to show up completely in order to do the real work.

Executive Coaching - Your Peak Experience

In our Coaching Program, you’ll experience a transformative Peak Experience tapping into the power of working with horses. We will use the perceptive and sensitive energy from horses to facilitate transformative change within you. You will develop new perspectives and learn what it takes to unleash your true potential. This experience is an unforgettable adventure that will create strong memories and lasting change.

Why Horses

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What Our Clients Experienced

Nicky Roden,
VP Experience & Access

“Heather was an invaluable support to me as I navigated two different career transitions. She helped me identify personal focus areas, shared insights and content to help me fill gaps and address blind spots, and I am a better leader and person as a result of our work together.”

Linda Aoyama  

“Heather Wickman coached me during a period of exhaustion and a mid-career crisis.  With her coaching, I found the confidence to make a much-needed adjustment in my career path and I am now much more fulfilled in both my personal and work life.”

Andreaa Bodnari 

“I have been impressed by Heather’s brave leadership, tailored approach to coaching and clear communication style. I continue to implement the strategies and skills I’ve acquired through our coaching and would recommend Heather to anyone looking to grow as an authentic leader.”

Cristy McKillop

“Heather has been a wonderful accountability partner. She offers a warm, judgment-free approach that lends itself to deep personal and professional development. Untethered has given me powerful tools to apply long after my engagement has ended. I’ve been thrilled with the experience.”

Nancy Taylor
Chief Strategy Officer

“Heather is hands down the best coach I’ve ever had. She has fostered deep personal growth and helped me show up as the person and professional I most want to be. I’ve gotten nudges when needed, support when needed, and most importantly, an open and honest thoughtful partner to help me navigate the workplace and maximize my contribution.”

Jen Ziouras

The weekend was one of the most profound experiences I have ever experienced and truly allowed me to grow as a human being. I was able to identify and work through multiple issues that have plagued me for most of my life . It was incredibly helpful. I will do once a year.

Your Journey Starts Here

Our signature Executive Coaching Program provides an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your growth, reveal the most powerful aspects of yourself, and shed the limits that hold you back.


Yes, it will if you:

  1. Are ready to face the challenges within your own leadership that have been resistant to change.
  2. Realize you are likely the culprit of the repeating problems you see in your team and organization.
  3. Want to find a better way to enact change within yourself and others.
  4. Are motivated to grow out of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.
  5. Have the courage and commitment to dive into deep development work.

The transformation you’ll experience:

  • Quickly break through stubborn and persistent roadblocks in the way of your goals and highest potential.
  • Inspired clarity around the changes you need to make in your leadership and life to create your most desired results.
  • Your very own Immunity to Change map, which will be your new guide as you navigate and master transformational change.
  • An established and repeatable strategy to ground your leadership in LOVE instead of FEAR.

How many things have you tried already?
Therapy, retreats, mindset coaches, meditation courses, self-improvement books.

How much has this cost you in missed opportunities or making suboptimal decisions?
Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What will this roadblock continue to cost you? 

The 6-month Executive Coaching Program is a personalized, life-transforming experience that delivers accelerated results for high-achievers so you can break through stubborn roadblocks and master change to create the life you desire.

The investment is definitely not cheap. You can find cheap options by looking through self-help books on Amazon. If you’re done with tinkering and want results so that you don’t need ANY MORE programs, courses, books, or inspiration, then let’s chat.

In our Equine Coaching Program, you will develop a mindset and the skills that will enable you to see things from a new perspective and thrive in all areas of your life.

Get Ready to Transform Your Life and Overcome What's Holding You Back.

The Evolved Executive

An essential blueprint for designing a vibrant, cutting-edge organization – leading from love not fear.

“This book is a must-read for any leader or executive who comes to work daily knowing there is a better and more purpose-derived way to serve the people who serve our patients and other customers. The quiet and not-so-quiet desperation for a different path so absent from today’s disconnected workplaces is the subject of this book. It is written with heart from a leader with a heart…who has seen this type of leadership done well and also lived through/alongside the opposite. It is my hope that this practical body of work will become THE way we lead and that we will do so unabashedly and even proudly. It will make a difference in our health: mind, body, and soul.”

Jandel T. Allen-Davis, MD

VP, Government, External Relations and Research, Kaiser Permanente